Chanoma Cafe


It's been on my list for a while, So when it came to deciding on where to eat before watching a movie in the city, it was the first place that came to mind.

Chanoma Cafe is a cute little Japanese eatery located in the heart of Regent Place. Specalising in Japanese style hot dogs aka Japadogs which have become increasingly popular in the US.

Fusion cuisine is usually hit or miss - but the Japanese always manage to do it well. Here, you can get a pork, teriyaki chicken, kranksy, shrimp or tonkatsu dog with a variety of unconventional toppings, like marinated kimchi, curry flavoured cabbage, or miso pork mince with sauces like wasabi mayo, teriyaki, tatare and more.

Also if you’re a big fan of Matcha (powdered green tea) then this is the place for you. Lattes, floats, frappes, tea, mochi (rice cakes) and the popular soft serve is part of the menu. Matcha lovers rejoice!

That night, my boyfriend and I tried the Tonkatsu dog & the Shrimp Croquette dog accompanied by the wasabi shaken fries. 

After we ordered and sat down - it was less than 15 minutes and our food was ready for collection. (yeah its one of those places that you get a buzzer when you order.

As the hotdogs landed on the table, it was visually arresting, mouth watering and I couldn't wait to get in on that. Don’t let the pictures deceive you - the hot dog buns look hard and crusty but are far from it. They are surprising soft and just the right amount in terms of bread to meat ratio. 

The Tonkatsu dog, consisted of a kransky wrapped in ham, crumbed and deep fried that laid on bed of slaw and topped with tonkatsu sauce. It was pretty amazing, a tasty thrill and it just….worked.

The Shrimp Coquette dog was creamy and crunchy with finely diced shrimp inside. Underneath it, there was crisp lettuce, and on was garnished with paprika and tatare sauce. Tasty textures of flavour and wasn't as heavy as I thought since it was also deep fried. 

Im not huge on wasabi unlike my boyfriend, so I wasn’t looking forward to the wasabi shaken fries which I ordered out of love. All I can say is that it was great for my sinuses and wasn’t too intense. I’d get it again without hesitation. 

Overall, I enjoyed it - the unassuming storefront, polite staff and the food - really good and really cheap. Snag Stand has got some competition because the highest you’ll pay for a hotdog here is only $6.90, so you could literally buy 2 hotdogs here rather than the 1 at Snag Stand. (I still love Snag Stand btw - although my wallet doesn’t)

Pricing: Nothing over $10 - ranges from $2.90 - $9.50
Vibe: quiet and casual
Try: wasabi shaken fries, matcha soft serve, tonkastu or shrimp croquette dog


Chanoma Cafe
501 George St (in Regent Place)
Sydney 2000


*Cash only