Panama House


This cosy establishment has grown to be the go-to place for an indulgent dinner on a Friday night. Located in the quieter part of Bondi, Panama House is a smallish eatery offering Pan-American inspired dishes, mainly South of the border. 

Is it because it’s a Friday night and the working week is over that makes this place so ideal? Or is that just just showing my age? I like it here because its relaxed and intimate (especially at night). Plus, at night it’s too dark to notice any hipsters, but I have no doubt that they’re here during the day.

The staff are cool and the food is great, with the menu constantly updating its specials, as well as keeping true to their signature dishes like the Southern fried chicken with creamed corn & gumbo gravy, to their po-boys or even the truffle mac and cheese.

I’m powerless before mac & cheese (mainly because of the cheese) so getting that was a no-brainer along with the popcorn shrimp po-boy and the hot smoked salmon tostadas. Also,just before you eat, an armada of house made salsa’s arrive to spice up your meal - how lovely.

I’m rarely disappointed when I eat here, maybe my po-boy lacked a little seasoning but who cares, not me, not on a Friday night.

Seating is limited so its best to make a booking unless you’re cool to sit at the bar (which we’ve done…twice) I don’t mind it really. It’s fancy enough to get dressed up but also casual enough to rock jeans. 

Pricing: $6.50 - $29.00
Vibe: Cosy & intimate
Try: Truffle mac & cheese, battered fish po-boy & whatever is on special


Panama House

251 Bondi Rd

Mon - Sun 7am - close