Knafeh Bakery is the answer for people like myself who are looking for something sweet to eat, late at night or shortly after dinner. Hailing from the Middle East, a slightly tweaked version of Knafeh (pronounced kun-ah-feh or kin-ah-feh) is the only thing served here. It’s a sweet, semolina based pudding that’s light, creamy and slightly cheesy with a cornflake-like crust. Traditionally its a cheese pastry soaked in a sugar-based syrup.

This ancient dessert is served straight out of a repurposed shipping container adorned with street art and large bags of semolina on display. Each Knafeh is made to order by one of the many bearded men starting with one who carefully scoops the creamy, cheesy mixture into a shallow bowl; another who sprinkles on the bread crumb like topping which is then passed onto another guy who places it onto the conveyor oven which crisps up the top and makes the pudding bubble and ooze.

Four minutes later, its out the other end where the owner AJ's (Ameer) mum Nabila tops it off with crushed pistachio’s. Bottles of sugar syrup are on the side when you pick up your order so you can put a little or as much as you want.

Now since the bakery is housed in a shipping container, it has no permanent residency, so the best way to find out where they’ll be next is to follow them on Instagram (@knafehbakery) where they’ll announce there locations. Mysterious and clever, also a MUST try if you haven’t had it before - totally lives up to the hype. 

Pricing: $8
Vibe: Friendly & Eclectic
Try: KNAFEH!!!!!