The Wedge


This wedge in a wall cafe is probably the narrowest I’ve been to. Despite this, it’s not cramped at all with its large windows and street view bench which really opens up to what could have been claustrophobic space.

The menu is simple with interesting breakfast options like vanilla & lemon breakfast rice, toasted orange and dark chocolate granola to lunch staples using Luxe’s signature sourdough for sandwiches like the Henry - smashed egg, double smoked ham, avo, gruyere & chipotle mayo or the 6 hour pork shoulder sandwich i.e pulled pork with coriander, mint, spring onions and plum sauce. Pretty much anything on the menu wouldn’t disappoint.

Also, they serve Milo here, instant nostalgia. I used to drink Milo everyday before going to primary school although mine didn’t have ice cream like they do here.

Although seating is limited, we arrived early to beat the lunchtime rush and got ample seating right by the window. I got the kale and mushroom toastie and my boyfriend got the 6 hour pork sandwich with the liquid nostalgia to share. Both sandwiches were super tasty and I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. The iced Milo equalled the disappointment of the service - lacklustre and apathetic. I’d still go back though, the place is chill enough for a relaxing weekend brunch (if you happen to score a table) or a quick weekday bite.

Pricing: $3.50 -$14
Vibe: quiet & relaxed
Try: 6 hr pork shoulder sandwich


The Wedge Espresso

53-55 Glebe Point Rd

Mon - Sat 8:00am - 4pm