Balay Dako - Great Food And Breathtaking Views


A trip to Tagaytay is not complete without a visit to Balay Dako. Meaning "Big House" in Negrense, the three-storey, modern colonial establishment is hard to miss with its pistachio green exterior. Located along Tagaytay Ridge, the restaurant boasts breathtaking views of Taal lake and delicious Filipino comfort food. 

Celebrating the Filipino's shared sense of family and history, Balay Dako uses fresh, local ingredients with a menu that's designed to be shared. One of the popular dishes is sizzling bulalo which puts modern twist to the traditional soup. Braised beef shanks sizzle on a hot cast iron pan and is drenched in a creamy mushroom sauce. 

Another is the crispy pata. Here, the pork shank is brined for two days, boiled until tender and then fried under high pressure to keep outside crispy and the inside moist. This glorious chunk of pork is served with fried rice and a sweet soy and ginger dipping sauce.

The large lobby leads to the main dining hall, but it's upstairs where you'll find a bright and relaxed space with pockets of lush greenery equipped with indoor and outdoor seating, and not the mention the most amazing view.

You can even take a piece of Balay Dako home via the gift shop. Here you'll find a variety of homemade treats from gourmet jams to local coffee beans and even traditional Negranese crafts.

Balay Dako is an exceptionally memorable place to eat and is perfect for families and travellers with its shared menu and reasonable prices.