Haven Specialty Coffee


The best creations are the ones that are made by hand and at Haven, coffee is their hands-on craft. 


Haven has been established with the intent of offering coffee loving customers a unique experience by tailoring each element of coffee making process – including acidity, sweetness, aroma, body and after-taste in addition to brewing styles. (A lot of things the average coffee drinker doesn't really think about) If you feel overwhelmed, that's okay because the staff are super friendly and are there to school guide you through this process #thestruggleisreal.

After deciding, their specially trained team will use these preferences to tailor a coffee to your taste, adjusting until you find what you like. 

This passion for Coffee Tailoring and exceptional skills has been derived from Mr. Bruno Koo, former sensory judge of World Barista Championship (Hong Kong station)
"Through our Coffee Tailoring, we are redefining how Sydneysiders treat their coffee, from a routine drink to something with higher expectations. We dare to remind coffee lovers that they deserve a better cup of craftsmanship, prompting them not to limit their coffee experience,” says Bruno.

The cafe itself is pretty spacious and also offers a delicious all day menu that boasts healthy meal choices with a twist of Eastern and Western influence. 

Whether you're a coffee snob or curious newbie, it's all good, nobody's judging you..I think. Just don't be one of those guys asking orange mocha frappucino.

Pricing: $6 - $19
Vibe: Chill
Try: coffee tailored to you!


Haven Specialty Coffee

30-34 Chalmers St
Surry Hills

Mon  - Fri  7am - 4pm
Sat - Sun  8am - 4pm