How to Host a Summer Picnic

image via  cannellevanille

image via cannellevanille

 Find your picnic spot, grab a bunch of friends, prepare some delicious nibbles, enjoy the warm weather and just for a moment, forget about the passing of time and just BE in the moment.

Here's a few tips to get you on your way to hosting a picture perfect picnic.

Plan for the weather

Something that is easily overlooked is the weather. Temper-mental by nature, its always good to be prepared. Pick a spot with some shade or bust out an umbrella or tent. Either way, don't forget to wear sunscreen!

image via  tumblr

image via tumblr

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Create a comfy area

Just because you're not setting a table doesn't mean you can't lay out your linens. Leave the all-white behind (because grass stains), throw some cushions in the mix and unfold linen tea towels atop a striped blanket or beach towel. The more layers, the better. 

image via  daramuscat

image via daramuscat

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Fuss free nibbles

Opt for food that is easy to transport and can hold up in warmer weather or even better, that donโ€™t require plates. Sandwiches are great for kids and adults alike but this recipe from Massimo Mele of pancetta wrapped figs are a wonderful option that your friends will absolutely love! Or, if you're too lazy, pick up some gourmet goodies and ask your caterer to incorporate fresh seasonal produce. About Life has a great selection of deliciously nutritious catering options.

image via  bloglovin

image via bloglovin


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Something special

What's a picnic without a little bubbly? Italian Sparkling wines complement a wide variety of foods and are generally not highly alcoholic. A simple addition like this let's your friends know that they're in for a good time, and that you really thought about details. For a non-alcoholic option, infuse water and drinks. This is something you can do ahead of time and it just adds a little extra something to your drinks. Strawberries and mint to water is my summer go-to.  

image via  tumblr

image via tumblr

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Have fun

Have fun. If you're not having a good time, what was the point of doing it? 

image via  apartamento38

image via apartamento38