Truffle Hunt At Macenmist Trufferie


Oddly shaped with a distinct aroma, truffles are a highly appreciated delicacy - and with some prized truffles reaching upwards of $3,000 per kilo, we took a visit to the Macenmist trufferie in Bredbo, just north of the Snowy Mountains to see what the fuss more like fungi is all about.

Truffles are a type of fungi and have a system of root-like structures, but unlike most fungi truffles never emerge from the soil surface. Instead truffles are formed underground close to a tree's root system and are produced as a result of a symbiotic relationship with several tree types.

In a season lasting two or three months, truffles are extremely hard to cultivate and control. With the majority of the year spent on ensuring the conditions are absolutely perfect for growing, this labour intensive business coupled with the unpredictability of potential harvest contributes to the extreme prices truffles can fetch. If it wasn't hard enough, you cant just pluck them out of the ground like a carrot, you'll need the help of specially trained dogs like Fahren, a Lagotto Romagnolo, a breed which has a phenomenal scenting ability. 

Throughout winter, Macenmist regularly conducts truffle hunts starting at $30 and at the end you can purchase black truffles together with an assortment of other memorabilia. For more information or